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tv   The Five  FOX News  February 2, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> hello, everyone. i'm kimberly guilfoyle along with juan williams, dana perino, eric bowling and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 o'clock in new york city. this is "the five". >> a little over an hour ago in las vegas, donald trump placed his bet on the gop front runner, mitt romney. >> it's my honor, real honor and privilege to endorse mitt romney. mitt is tough. he's smart. he's sharp. he's not going to allow bad
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things to continue to happen to this country that we all love. so governor romney, go out and get em. you can do it. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> there are some things that you just can't imagine happening in your life. this is one of them. i want to say thank you to donald trump for his endorsement. it means a great deal to me to have the endorsement of mr. trump and people across this country who care about the future of america. >> all right. i guess what happens in vegas doesn't stay in vegas. leave it to trump to break all of the rules, greg. >> here is the thing, this is not about mitt romney. it's not about newt gingrich. it's about obama. and basically what donald just said to the world is that he believes that mitt is the guy that's going to win because let's face it, there has been so much infighting going on, it's almost like donald trump is uniting america, which makes him the true hero in this story. >> is it really, or did he, eric, pick the obvious guy? really? i can even pick that.
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bet the house on it. >> did he pick the obvious guy who wants to win? he's clearly said mitt romney has the best chance to beat obama and he likes mitt romney's chance on china. donald trump is very, very involved with china. he doesn't like what they're doing to us or the oil situation. couple of things, will it help or hurt mitt romney? mitt romney had to fly there. he had to say thank you, donald. this is important for a lot of reasons. number one, it's a block. it's a complete block of newt gingrich. newt couldn't take that. he couldn't get the ball and run with it. you win the coin toss, you always take the ball. whether you're going to score or not, you tonight want the other team to have the ball first. >> i think it's a tennis analogy. >> close enough. involves a ball. okay. dana, is this something that's going to actually move the ball forward for mitt or is it kind of just a loss? he's already got the momentum, he's had back to back wins. he's doing excellent with
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fundraising. maybe it kind of benefited newt because trump stayed out until now. >> i generally think endorsements don't ever hurt you that much. they're more likely to help you a little bit. maybe with a couple of people. there was a poll that we talked about a couple months ago that said that people would be 15% more -- i'm sorry, 27% more likely to vote against somebody that donald trump was endorsing. but i think that was kind of a advice really reaction to having had donald trump on television so much. i think this helps him. but a question is, is he going to campaign for him? how much is he going to be out there? would the romney campaign want that? that's going to be a tricky balance because if you have an endorsement, when they make a gaffe or something like that that will happen along the campaign trail, you are put in a position of defending them or not saying anything. donald trump is not the kind of guy who is a shrinking violet. he's not going to fade into the
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woodwork. >> metaphor vitamins. >> metamucil. >> juan? >> i'm not suring my medical problems with you ever again. >> i know them all already. develop a new one. okay. so juan, do you think this helps him? do you think this is something that is good, that is significant? >> i come and visit here at the fife once in a while -- at "the five" once in a while and i hear this and think the family has gone off. you're taking donald trump seriously? >> we are. >> let me tell you something. this is a celebrity soaked piece of nonsense. if you think that donald trump is going to make one person in nevada or the rest of the united states suddenly say, oh, yeah, you know. i had questions about mitt romney. i'm a real conservative and i wasn't sure he was conservative. but now that donald trump is there, i got to vote! >> don't you think, juan that,
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it can't hurt romney and it probably hurts -- >> i think a lot of people think had thing is a joke. it's -- >> no, it's not. >> juan is making a good point and the fact that trump, for the last year has been treating the republican campaign like a mistress. every two or three weeks he shows up at the apartment, usually with a fur, has his way and then he leaves. then he shows up -- >> i'm not going to take it anymore. >> so people get a little -- the more he showed up, the less seriously you took him. >> stop! stop it! he is all over the media. he's on every network. he rates through the roof when he goes on the shows. he'll be on a bunch of shows tonight. people tune in to hear what donald trump has to say. he's a multi billionaire. he risked it all, did it without taxpayer bailouts in every conservative says, i want donald trump's endorsement. i would rather have donald trump's endorsement than any lefty -- >> these a free market guy.
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>> so stop it. >> i want to ask dana something. he said he was maybe going to run. i'd take his endorsement any day of the week and all of those people went to court him to get his approval, to try and get the endorsement. i want to ask a question to juan. if this endorsement had gone the other way and trump was endorsing begin rich, would you think it had more impact then? >> yeah, yeah. i think it would have been more interesting because of the dynamic in the race. the dynamic in the race is that conservatives have yet to find a home with mitt romney. >> i know. but why would it be taken seriously for newt? >> because it would have suggested that here is somebody, trump, who is going against his normal pattern of behavior, which is self-serving and ego driven, and he's not just jumping on a band wagon, but actually going with somebody he believes in, newt gingrich. >> who is the winner? have you declared romney the winner? >> winner of what?
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>> you're assuming trump went with the winner. >> the winner of nevada, let me tell you something, he's got a huge lead in nevada. >> there is no question. but how have you donned mitt romney -- >> after florida? i think -- i don't know game over. but if you were laying odds like on the super bowl, wouldn't you lay odds right now on mitt romney? >> don't count newt out. >> very importantly, what he's done, the most upside for mitt romney isn't donald trump's endorsement and getting people to vote for him. it's changing the news cycle. we're not talking about right now? mitt romney saying he doesn't care about poor people. >> there you go. bring it up again. >> but you know what your boy did today? >> your boy? >> 'cause i figure you're a romney guy?
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>> oh. >> juan, you got to watch the show. >> no. i think you will go with anybody that's not obama. right? >> that's true. >> he's for generic republican. tune in to the show, "the five," juan, you might actually like it. >> today here comes mitt romney to say he's all tore cost of living increases for the minimum wage. i just think to myself, hmmm, i wonder how chamber of commerce and alt conservatives are going to feel about mr. i'll say anything you want to hear, especially after i said i don't care about the poor. >> it's a big problem. here is what the -- let the free market dictate what the right wage is. >> the problem is that always leads to big increases over time. so he's a technocrat. they go, that's going to happen anyway, so let's make it a consistent small increase that maps with inflation. >> the thing that i observed over the past few days about mitt romney is that i think that he studies very hard in his policy meetings and he pays a lot of attention. he asks a lot of questions.
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and then things that you hear and talk about in your policy meeting, you wouldn't necessarily say out in public. but that answer about the technocrat if you don't have these small increases, then you have these huge jumps -- >> you don't think he was mopping up the mess from his statement yesterday about the poor? >> no, not necessarily. 'cause i think that was taken out of context. >> yeah, but it had terrific political impact. >> i don't think he sees the emotional impact of his words. >> newt was in charge, he'd clean it up himself. >> now you're doing a psychoanalysis. more on that from freud who is visiting us. stay tuned. religious leaders coming out in full force against president obama. they are furious about the contraception mandate in his health care bill. should the government enforce mandate on religious institution as soon as we'll debate that issue next on "the five." don't forget to e-mail us and say hi to juan, would you?
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♪ >> welcome back to "the five." we're going to move to a topic that has been gaining some steam over the week. it is that the obama white house administration, through the health and human services secretary, has decided to make religious organizations violate their conscience clause, that they are going to have to provide f.d.a. approved contraceptives to their employees and at their facilities where they work. the reason this is gaining attention is that it's unprecedented. it hasn't happened before, and archbishop timothy dolen, who has a lot of credibility, has suggested to be promoted by the pope to be cardinal, he had this to say on fox news. >> never before has the federal government forced individuals and organizations to go out into
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the marketplace and buy a product that violates their conscience. this shouldn't happen in a land where free exercise of religion ranks first in the bill of rights. how about letting our elected leaders know that we want religious liberty and rights of conscience restored? and the administration's mandate rescinded. we can't afford to strike out of this one. >> that was archbishop dolen. everybody is talking about this because it's going to build into something bigger. kimberly, let's start with the substance of it and then i want to talk to you about the politics, which is some people say this is a matter of women's health versus religious liberty. but in a court of law, when this is brought forward, first amendment claims are being made, how do you think the judges would see it? >> fascinating legal issue because it's unprecedented and there are many who believe and i think rightly so, that it does violate religious freedom by compelling these organizations to act in direct contradiction
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of their faith by providing no co-pay, et cetera, forcing them to provide contraception, birth control, morning after pill, also sterilization. so these are things that go directly against the tenet of the catholic church and other religious organizations have a problem with it as well. so this is something that could potentially go up to the u.s. supreme court. boehner has made statements on this as well politically saying that this is something that violates the constitution and rubio has introduced legislation now that would change this. >> it's not the catholics are upset about it, but there was a rabbi that appeared with another catholic bishop yesterday on megyn kelly's show talking about the concerns about religious freedoms and ross who wrote in the "new york times," talked about the slippery slope of allowing something like this to happen that's unprecedented and how far this could go and why everybody should be concerned. do you think -- >> i don't buy it. it's just one of these moments where you just shake your head.
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i mean, i think i'm with jean, the senator from new hampshire who said, this whole issue is being so widely distorted and put to political purpose and use. the church isn't being forced to do anything. they don't have to run hospitals -- >> but they do, juan. >> what? >> they tonight have to. they want to. >> just a moment. they do run hospitals and if they run the hospital and they don't want to take federal funding, then they don't have to have these rules apply to them. but you can not have a government that's run by a constitution that's a secular government and suddenly ruled by one person or one organization set of beliefs. this -- oh, wow. >> what they've done, the obama administration has done is the big government thug hand, also applies to catholic charities, catholic hospitals, catholic schools. >> but not the church! it does not apply to the -- it does not apply to a church! it apply -- >> it does.
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>> you should read this. it applies to charity, hospitals. it does not apply to church. >> and diocese. >> no. >> they're running their hospitals. those hospitals, they coo a lot of work -- do a lot of work for the poor and hungry. >> that's wonderful. >> no, no. >> you can't say, this is our belief and we're going to apply it. this is a constitution, a country that's run by laws. not by anybody's religious beliefs. >> i do think religious liberty here is at stake. i also don't think it is unreasonable that if you are going to go to a catholic hospital or work for a catholic organization, you know what their beliefs are. and if you want to get the contraceptive coverage, which some of them, like the morning after pill, some people have a real problem, it's not that catholics don't use contraception, it is that you shouldn't be forced to do it.
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if you want to use it, you can get it elsewhere. you don't have to work for the catholic church. you don't have to go to the catholic hospital to get treated. >> i agree. those pills are so expensive. they are -- with 50 bucks a month. this is what i don't understand. >> at most places if you pay your 5:00 o'clock you get them for free. >> i haven't bought them in a while. they're so darn cheap. i think you can eliminate this argument completely. my car insurance doesn't pay for my windshield wipers. that's essentially the same thing. >> that was really weird. >> look, you can trivialize it, but the fact it -- >> i'm not trailializing it at all. >> this is about women's health and the idea that oh, if you work for somebody or under the government's laws, it's not -- >> nobody is stopping anybody from getting pills. they're cheap. they're affordable. >> if you can afford cable television, you can afford -- >> let me say it again. if you can afford five coffee has month, you can afford your
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co-pay. >> under the law, you're not even required to have a co-pay for that. you're required to offer it for free. >> that's right. >> it eliminates the co-pay requirement. what they've said is sorry everyone is so upset. but we're going to do is give you, we'll give you some time. we'll give you a year to get into compliance. >> can i ask you another legal question? >> yes. >> it was about three months ago when the supreme court voted 9-0 against the obama administration who had tried to say that if you are religious organization, you have to -- they tried to force religious organizations to hire people who weren't of that faith. the supreme court said 9-0, that's against their first amendment rights. so don't you think is the same thing? >> it's a great analogy. because what you see is you have the obama administration and a very politicized move. these are big backers, planned parenthood, they are saying yes, women's health issues should trump religious freedom and first amendment constitution -- >> no, no, no.
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>> tell that to the catholics! >> if the archbishop is saying it's religious violation -- >> he wants to continue to get government dollars. >> no, he doesn't. >> that is not -- >> are you accusing archbishop dolen of wanting to get federal dollars and that's why -- >> imagine that, dana? >> he's speaking his orthodoxy. you could be evan willing to anybody from any religion. i don't believe in birth control. you say that to most catholic women, they would say, i disagree with the bishop. >> that's not what they're saying, though. >> that's not what they're saying. >> it has everything to do with requiring catholics to do something, to provide a service that they are inherently against! >> there are 68 million -- >> don't take the government's money! >> obamacare requirement! >> you're like gingrich. this is a war on the catholic church. there is to war on the catholic
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church. >> there are catholics in america that go to church every week. if you don't like it, don't vote for the man in 2012. >> here is the other side of it. if you are a woman or if you believe in women's rights and if you believe in the right to birth control in this country, vote for obama. is that what you're saying? >> many catholics came out for obama last year. 54% went with bush. i think they will come back in 2012. >> i agree. >> partly because of this. but more so because of the economy. but we're going to move on. more problems for the chevy volt. the company says low sales are because of bad publicity. was it actually just a bad car? eric took it for a test drive and he's going to give us his own personal review across the golden state,
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where everyone has been unbelievably nice. mornin'. i guess i'm helping them save hundreds on car insurance. it probably also doesn't hurt that i'm a world-famous advertising icon. cheers! i mean, who wouldn't want a piece of that? geico. ah... fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent oh dear... or more on car insurance.
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>> i get a call from general motors and they said they noticed i was hard on their car, the volt, on air and asked if i would meet with them. during the meeting i explained the issues i have with the car. gm took $50 billion in our taxpayer money in bailouts. uaw put in front of investors of gm, $7,500 credit for buying a car, all reasons i couldn't find it in my heart to be positive on the volt. they told me how proud of the car they were, mind you, i'm a shareholder, so i would love to have been sold on the car. so i offered them a deal. i said, let me drive the volt for a week and i'll keep an open mind about it. but after two nights of charging the volt for 12 hours, full charge, the car ran out of electricity. i kid you not, in the lincoln tunnel of both mornings on my way to work.
5:28 pm
watch. >> there is the change. >> less than 20 miles from work, gps has it at 18.8 miles. 82.3 miles for a doughnut stop and the car on a full charge against only 25 miles. mind you, that car lists for $46,500. loaded with taxpayer subsidies and offered with a taxpayer bailout, you guys. >> you tailgate! [ laughter ] >> you're one of those tailgaters! >> i literally videotaped that in the tunnel. a little background, first day through, into the tunnel, it switched over from electric to gas. i said, no way. i fully charged it again, same thing happened and i videotaped it the second time around. juan, 25 miles to a full charge, 46,500 bucks, and billions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies, loans to the company.
5:29 pm
>> yeah. >> he's like yeah. >> time to pull the plug on the volt? >> i've gotten terrible publicity, including that bit from you. that looks like you know that taxicab, i figured something is going to happen in the back seat. >> nothing as exciting. >> in eric's car? mr. macho. but look, i got to tell you something, if you're telling me that is evidence that we should not invest in any green energy in the united states, you're wrong. in fact, nissan and their leaf is outselling already the volt and guess what? all these other countries, they're looking for sustainable ways, alternatives to oil-based economies. >> it's easy to outsell a volt when you've sold 600 of them. >> exactly. >> basically they're operating the volt on the girl scout cookie model of selling. you buy girl scout cookies to help the girl scouts. they assume you're buying the volt to help the environment, the planet. not that it's actually a good product. >> i'm gog -- going to have to
5:30 pm
disagree. i love a frozen thin mint. >> can we talk about the difference between nissan doing it and the gm group doing it when we've given them millions of dollars. >> i think juan made your point which is you wouldn't care if a private company wanted to put the money into a new car and it wasn't with taxpayer dollars. you wouldn't mind. we understand that there is risks involved and everything. but who is going to buy a car for $47,000 that gets that kind of mileage -- >> that runs out. >> when you have other choices? >> runs out? you would have to give that to me for free he and i'd rather roller skate backwards in the lincoln tunnel than drive that. what gave him that! >> what if it had all work out and you would have loved the volt and promoted it. >> it was a gamble. >> why would you put a car out that gets 25 -- calling it an
5:31 pm
electric car and it gets 25 miles? i can't tell you how annoying it is to get out of the car, go in the trunk, get this long cord, hook it into the side, plug it into the wall -- >> this is a first world -- >> it was raining. i'm worried i'm going to get electrocuted. >> oh, my gosh. >> i drove a hybrid for a while but what it would do in certain types of traffic, it would have the electrical part and other parts and then the gas powered part would click in. >> runs your electricity down it 0. >> was that the appropriate amount of distance you were supposed to cover? >> 40 miles. >> 600 of these cars were sold. which my guess is the majority were sold to people who believe in the environment. it's self-perpetuating hoax. it's like when drug addicts become drug counselors. >> sometimes that works, by the way. >> green job training. they only got one out of every ten jobs done.
5:32 pm
>> don't you think there is something good to be said about saving money on gas and using less gas? >> can i tell you something? 25 miles to the full electric charge, i'm sorry, there is ten gallons in that thing, it gets 240 miles, 250 miles to the gallon. the total all in, if you average the electric and the gas, you're getting about 30 miles to the gallon. >> how much did your electricity bill go up? what's your incentive to buy that flintstone mobile? pointing that nozzle, you've been pointing it a lot. >> coming up -- >> you get it for a prop. >> here is the thing, during the show, we were sniffing it. >> that explains a lot! >> i saw juan taking a few hits. >> eric holder gets grilled on
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capitol hill over the botched fast and furious operation. we got the highlights we'll be right back. paid by med.
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>> i'm brett brett. in washington, what attorney general eric holder said about operation fast and furious. tonight on "special report," the attorney general went to capitol hill for a grilling about the government gun tracking program. house republicans have been very vocal about what they call holder's lack of cooperation to date. william lajeunesse has details from a firey hearing. we'll have the reasons donald trump is giving for decide to go endorse mitt romney for the presidency. the donald made his announcement today in las vegas. john roberts has that story. president obama says his faith justifies some of his major policy decisions. the president spoke about that at the national prayer breakfast this morning. ed henry is at the white house with that story. and republicans slam the
5:38 pm
administration's plan to transfer five taliban leaders from gitmo to help with peace talks in afghanistan. "special report" from washington starts at 6 eastern. now back to new york and "the five." >> we're joined by disco queen tonight. welcome back to "the five." republican congressmen on capitol hill aren't happy with the way attorney general eric holder has handled the botched fast and furious operation. so today they let him have it. >> have you disciplined anyone from fast and furious? >> no, i have not as yet. >> you haven't even put a letter in people's personnel files saying that they, on their watch, acted in an -- and an agent was murdered. >> i issued a directive that
5:39 pm
said the attorney general of the united states says this technique is inappropriate. >> 93,000 documents that you're not giving this committee and you're saying, well, the separation of powers prohibits you from doing that. that's bologna. >> how many more border patrol agents would have had to die as part of operation fast and furious for you to take responsibility? >> as a member of congress, really, i mean, is that the way in which you want to be seen, you want to be known? >> you know, dana, i don't get this, this has become so highly politicized. a man died, brian terry, the agent, his family is now suing the government. i don't think they have any chance whatsoever of recovering any money because of sovereign immunity. but what we're seeing here is a highly politicized fight over fast and furious and i remember that fast and fewer y the whole idea of tracking weapons was something that started in the bush administration. >> okay, wait. i cannot believe you went there. >> i did go there, because --
5:40 pm
>> we have been over that so many times. fast and furious was a different program. >> it's the same idea! >> no one died. >> different program. >> handled differently. it is a nice try to blame him -- >> i'm not blaming it. but i'm saying it's the same idea that we can track weapons that are being illegally sold across the border to the drug dealers and -- look, it didn't work out of the it was botched. but why make it so politicized? >> okay. >> was it botched? >> yeah, it was botched because they couldn't follow all the weapons. >> they lost all the weapon. >> that was on eric holder's watch. that's why he was called up on congress today. that's why the congresswoman asked the question. and another thing he said, was how about giving a little credit for all the good things i'm doing. really? this is a congressional hearing. they have the right to oversight. they have the obligation to oversights. i do think that -- i'm surprised that there is not been a
5:41 pm
democrat who has had the guts to stand up and say that this was wrong. >> what was wrong? >> that needs to happen. >> what was wrong? that one, at least there was the problem. secondly was the cover-up. >> everybody says there was a problem, including eric holder, who says, i'll give you all the documents you want, but i'm not going to give you documents pertaining to your request for documents because at some point then, we can't do business over here. >> i'll give you all the documents you want except for 91 -- 93,000. >> you make request for documents and so we discuss, here is the documents. you know, you can't just say, get us a du of everything, otherwise you chill discussion not only in justice department, but in the executive branch. >> what happened to transparency? remember that one? >> i remember everybody making that argument during the bush administration, too. >> i can't believe you went there. i can't believe you went there. >> when all of y'all wanted albertorgones to release all the documents -- >> i'm just saying.
5:42 pm
really, this is an example of the united states government doing something to try to stop the illegal flow of government. >> what did they do, juan? >> they trite to track these guns to see where they were going, who was using them and they were going to recover them. >> they tracked two guns. >> they lost control. that's the botched part. >> they sold 2500 guns or gave 2500 guns and tracked two of them for half a day. >> the whole thing blew up. >> but they found the other weapons because a man was killed because of their gross negligence and imcompetence. we can find that gun because it was at the scene where someone was murdered. for his i'm going to turn this over and not turn over everything, he turned over to the inspector general 1,000 documents for the investigation that he's doing. but he can't turn it over to the congressional committee that asked for the same documents? he is deliberately obviously withholding them 'cause it's very politicized and they want to put this off 'til after the election and he is stalling and he should know better.
5:43 pm
it's unbelievable that he didn't know that it was going on. >> it's politicized by a committee that absolutely can't stand eric holder and i think is using eric holder as a stand in for president obama. but why can't they stand eric holder? they tonight like the way he has dealt with bush administration, prosecutions of people who were involved in interrogations. they don't like the black panther, the new black panther, they don't like eric holder. >> i think the real question is, is eric holder hiding something? i say no, he's been incredibly brazen about his imcompetence. >> i know we got to go, but they brought two or three of these agents, the border agents who had a lot of information who may have rolled over and given the information on eric holder. they brought him in to dc, gave them desk jobs in d.c that sounds -- >> cover-up! >> thank you. >> to say no one lost their job, we have a new guy in charge of atf. i just think this is so political. anyway, on to lighter topics.
5:44 pm
>> what does greg think about facebook? mr. big bucks tells us next.
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>> welcome back to "the five." facebook filed stock offering on wednesday and some say its value could hit $100 billion. a lot of green for something you can't eat or drive. the only tangible result, your ex from high school looks you up and ruins your marriage. according to the american academy of matrimonial marriage, 66%% are link to do facebook. even more, what generates much of facebook income is farmville, a fictitious world within another fictitious world meeting the -- meaning it's based on
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awful video games. i guess it beats making stuff. so it makes sense to pond there are ipo carefully. people have been buying facebook shares privately all along, which means by the time you and i arrive, it's like showing up for thanksgiving a week later. nothing but a carcass in the fridge. the big money has been made. if you must buy, wait a few months and hold, hold, hold. there are positive lessons from facebook. one, ideas and risk mean more than degrees. facebook came from hard work and thinking big. second, its success represents the brain unfettered by bureaucracy. no union bosses or regulations could stop it. still, facebook is weird. vast nonworld where we indulge strangers, often instead of family. but please tonight unfriend me for saying that. eric, you're the financial mind here. should the average retail investor buy into facebook or is it just too late? >> it's too early to answer that question. it depends what's called the
5:50 pm
valuation, in other words, when it's about to go public, it depends what they say the company is worth. they're estimating somewhere between 5 and $10 billion. if it's near that, you have to buy it because 850 world wide users of anything, you want to own the stock of that company. >> 850 million users, you saturate it. the odds of it growing, it can only get smaller, especially, the world is run by 15-year-old girls. the moment a 15-year-old girl says, i'm bored, i'm going to do tumbler, facebook is gone, right? >> no. i thought you were going to say it can only grow. i'm amazed how much it has grown. i saw 100 billion friends? is that possible? >> 'cause you could be a friend -- >> what's going on? >> we could all be friends. >> but we are friends. >> are we friends on there? >> i think we're friends. >> i don't know. >> haven't really mone
5:51 pm
advertised it. >> is there any additional profit to be made? >> monday advertising it would mean, kimberly, you're the legal mind here, selling the information they have about us. >> they're doing that already. >> i don't think facebook has, right? google is considering it. >> linkedin, a bunch of these different groups have where they can use your pictures and your stuff unless you unclick certain box. did that on ling link, by the way. facebook, i think it still has room. i think you would agree, eric, and this guy is going to do like steve jobs, he's going to have a one dollar salary. it must be nice. >> dana, rejecteled my friendship. on earth and in facebook. >> i follow you on twitter. >> that's nice. >> when my mom gets on facebook, you know that maybe something
5:52 pm
next is coming up. also facebook is not -- no, you know what i mean. >> she didn't mean it in a bad way. >> i don't even know how to do it. my mom knows how to upload pictures. >> i don't know how either. >> i loose look at some of these things, if you're a young person going to apply for a job, graduating from college, wouldn't one of the first things a new employer does, they google search you and go on the facebook to see what you've been up to. and i actually think that in some ways where facebook has led to some marriages failing issues i also think it led to some people not getting a job. >> absolutely. >> that's true. >> one quick point -- >> there is a lot of stalkers on there? >> no taxpayer bailouts for facebook whatsoever. >> they don't need it. it's american innovation. but the question today is, will it make you money if you buy into it? >> shall we move on? >> here is a math question. multiply 8 by 2, then divide it
5:53 pm
by 4 and subtract 3. what do you have? 1. one more thing. >> that's cute. >> we got five of them here. you're cute. >> did you do that math? >> yeah. >> he's good with money. i'm telling you [ male announcer ] to the 5:00 a.m. scholar.
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>> yeah. all right. way to almost end the show. time now for one more thing. we're going to go with juanito. >> we were talking about facebook and friending people. so one of my friends and up with of the friends to this show, bill o'reilly, had a big, big, big, big day on monday night. let me tell you how big. ll o'reilly op our little -- on our little cable channel, beat big old nbc, brian williams in rock center in terms of total audience! think about that. fox news channel right here on your cable dial, beat a broadcast network and their big prime time magazine show! hats off to bill o'reilly. that's awesome. >> you already fill in! >> you are on "the five"! >> you think i'm kissing up to bill o'reilly is this. >> a little.
5:58 pm
>> who said that. >> are you kidding me? i'm on his show all the time and i substitute for him. >> this segment is really about juan's -- >> you want to compare trust to o'reilley? >> oh, get out of here. >> order in the court! >> i just had a quick one which is eric on monday gave us all recaps of the fife and mine was demandeer -- commandeered. >> he's a gorgeous model. eric? >> nozzle boy. >> i was going through some stuff and i found the al-jazeera version of "the five." take a look. so i'm explaining it. al-jazeera. i think they call it the three over there. check it out. this is like beckel and i. >> wait, wait. went too far. >> that's it. a little too much.
5:59 pm
>> all right. so today i had the great pleasure to attend over at the metropolitan club a great convenient with the boys club of new york, which has been around since 1867 and they serve over 3,000 boys that come from some of the poorest neighborhoods and they reach out to boys and to athletic program, art program, scholarships, placements in school, fabulous organization. and, in fact, today they had a guest speaker, andrew ferguson, and i found out, he is a great friend of greg gutfeld. >> this is his book called "crazy you." it's about how he tried to get his son into college and anybody who has a kid going into college, get this book. he was one of my first bosses at the american spectator. i used to fetch his cigarettes. camels. >> humble beginnings. >> i suggest you pick up this book. i read it and i enjoyed every word on the page. >> you don't even have a kid. >> i don't have a kid. but i have a book. >> just in case you want


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